Dale Hall and nephew Jayden are being called 'superheroes' after bringing a blue-tongue lizard back from the verge of death with CPR.
Dale Hall and nephew Jayden are being called 'superheroes' after bringing a blue-tongue lizard back from the verge of death with CPR.

'It might be a go-er!': Man saves backyard lizard with CPR

A SUNSHINE Coast man has saved a blue-tongued lizard from being "a-goner" after he and his nephew pulled it from a pool and performed CPR.

Dale Hall found the lizard on Monday afternoon with his nephew Jayden. He estimates it had spent "a couple of hours" underwater.

Jayden had given the lizard - now named Dusty - a bit of CPR and tried to empty the water out of it, before handing over to uncle Dale.

"After about 10 minutes or 15 minutes they handed it over to me. I carried it around for a while" he told ABC Sunshine Coast.

Mr Hall said he was so confident that the lizard was dead that he spent 30 minutes digging a small grave for the seemingly-drowned friend.

"I went to put it in the hole and it winked at me!

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"I couldn't believe it. It was completely lifeless. It winked at me!"

"It was the only thing I saw - I thought 'Hang on: it might be a go-er still'."

Mr Hall then hung Dusty upside down and stroked his belly to encourage more water out but his hopes of a miracle soon faded.

"There was still no life in it.

"About 20 minutes after that, I finished digging the hole and went to put it in and another twitch. I thought, 'No way!'.

Slowly Dusty began to twitch a little more, and eventually "came good".

"A couple of hours later, he was winking again."

After Dusty's near-death experience, Mr Hall and Jayden took him to Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast, where the lizard is doing well with treatment.

He said he has been told the lizard will eventually be re-released into the wild, in Mr Hall's backyard.

Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast wrote on Facebook it was "extraordinary" for Jayden and Mr Hall to give CPR to a blue-tongued lizard, describing the pair as superheroes.

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