Dean Ingra pictured leaving Bundaberg Court in 2017.
Dean Ingra pictured leaving Bundaberg Court in 2017.

‘It’s on you’: Criminal’s shocking accusation towards lawyer

"IF MY grandfather dies, it's on you," was the parting statement a Gladstone man gave his lawyer in court when the 31-year-old was not released immediately on parole for his crimes.

Dean Michael Ingra's shocking accusation towards his lawyer, Brandon Selic, came after Mr Selic represented Ingra in Gladstone Magistrates Court yesterday.

Ingra pleaded guilty via video from jail to 15 charges including possession of a knife in a public place, receiving tainted property, contravention of a direction by police and 11 breaches of bail.

The court was told Ingra was on parole at the time for some of his offending.

This meant Ingra, under Queensland law, could not be given immediate release on parole and could only be given a parole eligibility date for his most recent offending.

But Ingra blamed Mr Selic for the sentence he received.

Mr Selic previously said his client's grandfather was sick and Ingra hoped to be released from jail soon to visit him.

Ingra stood and said it took 120 days for the parole application to go through.

He pointed at Mr Selic and said, "If my grandfather dies, it's on you".

Earlier, the court was told Ingra's most recent offending occurred between September and November.

He was arrested on December 5 and has been in custody since.

On one occasion Ingra got out of a car police were searching and a knife fell from his lap.

On another occasion he was pulled over while riding a bike.

Police found bank, pension and member cards that did not belong to him.

In another search and police found an improperly discarded syringe.

He failed to meet his curfew conditions on 11 occasions.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella sentenced him to three months' jail with parole eligibility.

Parole eligibility does not guarantee release on parole, but allows a defendant to start making the application for parole while they are in custody.

This can take several months.

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