EXCITED: Natalie Oram and her daughter Candice who is starting Grade 1.
EXCITED: Natalie Oram and her daughter Candice who is starting Grade 1. Caci Battersby

It's time for school, kids

WITH children across Queensland heading back to school next week after their summer holidays, it might seem like tears are bound to happen.

But for Moranbah mum Natalie Oram, it is exciting, not sad, to see her youngest daughter, Candice, start Grade 1.

"I think she's pretty excited about it,” she said.

"Candice has always been really independent, which helps me (cope).

"It is a little daunting as well because yes, she is the youngest of all my three.

"But because she's so good about it (school) and she always has been, it's made it easier for me to transition her.”

The mother of three said this transition was also made easier by how well Candice handled Prep.

"We didn't have any tears or anything like that, so I would assume she will be the same with Grade 1,” Mrs Oram said.

"Candice started Prep when she was four-and-a-half, so she was one of the younger ones, but she did really well.

"She was definitely ready but the kindy teacher said that she was prepared and again, I thought she was.

"I think, thank God that she did daycare and her three-year-old kinder and four-year-old kinder because it prepared her for Prep and again, it is obviously now why she's so prepared for Grade 1.”

Mrs Oram said she had been "lucky” with all three of her children.

"Candice... being the third (child), she's picking up things very quickly and she's a very independent little girl.”

Five-year-old Candice said she was excited to go back to school.

"I like when we make crafts because we get to make things,” she said.

"Drawing is my favourite. I like to draw my family.”

Candice said she learned about "places and maps” at school and that sometimes, school took "a long time”, which made her "grumbly”.

She said was most looking forward to buying a new drink bottle for school and wearing her new blue and pink shoes.

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