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Jack White red-faced after students publish gig demand list

THERE are a few things Jack White and his people need on top of their $80,000 fee to perform at your university.  

And that's a very particular blend of guacamole, with very particular sized chunks of avocado, you'll have to hand-prepare in advance using the very particular recipe you can view below.  

You'll also need some "freshly sliced, high-quality prosciutto and aged salami with a sharp knife," and a New York strip steak, cooked medium. But you are not, under any circumstances, to serve any form of banana.  

"This is a banana-free tour."  

Or so we learned following the White Stripes musician's appearance at the University of Oklahoma this week, which saw the details of his "diva" demands published in student paper The Oklahoma Daily.  

"White in the contract is guaranteed $80,000 versus the right to receive 90 percent of the amount earned from ticket sales, which have a net potential of a little over $147,000," the article adds.  

Much to White's embarrassment, as members of his entourage were quick to counter the rider revelations in an open letter posted on his official website.  

"The most important function of a rider is that it lays out optimal technical specifications to ensure the audience has the best experience possible," it reads.

"For that, Jack hires a team of very qualified touring professionals who write the rider and attempt to execute a professional and pleasant experience for all involved."  

"Part of that is making sure that the tour personnel of about 30 people plus the local venue staff are fed. Contrary to what some believe, Jack doesn't write the rider nor make demands about his favourite snacks that must be in his dressing room."  

The author went on to recommend we all try Lalo's guacamole recipe, because "it's delicious".  

White's management Monotone Inc also felt the need to respond to the student article.  

"Contrary to what some believe, Jack doesn't write the rider nor make demands about his favourite snacks that must be in his dressing room," they said in a statement to Pitchfork.  

"We're not even sure he likes guacamole but we do know that the folks who work hard to put on the show do enjoy it."   White is currently touring his 2014 album Lazaretto in the US.

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