Jade Molloy with her designer nails.
Jade Molloy with her designer nails. Alistair Brightman

Stiletto nails win beauty award

AN AMAZING design on a set of spiky nails called stilettos captured the attention of judges in a national competition and saw Hervey Bay nail technician Jade Molloy awarded second prize.

Ms Molloy spent four hours creating the eye-catching nail design for the black-and-silver-themed competition run by company Lish Nail Creations.

She said some customers sought the unique designer nails, which can also be created with a square edge, for special occasions such as weddings, but other regular customers came back every two or three weeks for a fresh set because they received so many compliments.

Some women even had their big toes painted to match the design on their fingernails.

Ms Molloy said some customers walked in wanting French nails, but then changed their mind when they saw her designer nails or photos of her unique work.

“They never go back,” she said.

Ms Molloy might take two hours to complete a set of designer nails but it depended on the colours and the design.

“You've got to work with them to create something they'll like,” she said.

Ms Molloy works at Pialba's Seaful Beauty and also has a professional home salon.

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