Jarred Brook takes a corner in his efforts to claim an Australian title.
Jarred Brook takes a corner in his efforts to claim an Australian title. Picasa

Gympie rider takes home title

GYMPIE rider Jarred Brook has raced his way to his first Australian title at the Australian junior dirt track championships at Pampoolah, NSW, at the weekend.

Brook's fast-paced, high-octane passion has taken him a long way in only 12 months of competing, as the Australian crown is the former enduro rider's third major title for the year.

His 85cc two-stroke 13-Under-16 Australian title joins the Queensland and NSW gongs he's won this year.

What's impressive about Brook's weekend performance is that he had never raced on an oil track like the one at Pampoolah.

The track surface is smoother than the dirt track he usually races on and called for a change in tyres from knobby to slick.

Brook's father Andrew said his son had to learn fast when it came to handling his KTM with new tyres and on a different track.

"There are no oil tracks in Queensland for him to practise on," Mr Brook said.

"All four of the country's oil tracks are in NSW.

"The track has a whole different feel but he was able to adjust very quickly."

Next on Jarred's list is the Australian long-track title in NSW this September.

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