Jason Robert Ryan’s trial will continue in the Supreme Court at Rockhampton today.
Jason Robert Ryan’s trial will continue in the Supreme Court at Rockhampton today. File

'He lifted his arm and shot me'

KELLY Joy Carter heard a big cracking noise.

It felt like something had exploded on her arm.

After the gunshot, she got herself inside the door and fell to the ground.

She remembers hearing another two shots. Everyone was screaming and yelling.

This was part of Ms Carter's testimony during day one of the trial of Jason Robert Ryan in the Supreme Court at Rockhampton yesterday.

He pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of Ms Carter and also to the alternative charge to causing her grievous bodily harm with malicious attempt.

In Crown Prosecutor Josh Phillips's opening case, he said in August 2009, Ms Carter was shot to her left upper arm, only inches from her heart, from the motel car park at O'Dowd's Irish Pub.

Mr Phillips said Jason Ryan was wearing a cast on his arm at the time. He said it was the same cast he was wearing on security camera footage firing the first shot that hit Ms Carter.

“Why Kelly, why try and kill her?” Mr Phillips asked.

“It was simple old-fashioned garden variety revenge.”

The jury heard, that on the night of August 26 and the early hours of the 27th, Ms Carter was staying with her husband and friends at the motel connected to O'Dowd's and had celebrated a birthday party at the pub before going to the clubs for a few drinks. Ms Carter returned to the motel earlier than the rest of the group.

The court heard, later in the night the rest of the group returned and were involved in a fight with two men outside the motel, before running a few blocks away where the fight continued prior to police showing up.

Ms Carter said she heard men yelling from the street, armed with fence palings. She said she and a friend followed the men to see if her husband was okay.

The men later returned to the motel.

“I went to the screen door and asked him to go away. He asked for Brad to come down but I told him no. Then he lifted his arm and shot me,” Ms Carter said.

Ms Carter spent three days in hospital after the attack.

Ryan's defence barrister Doug Winning said about six people in Ms Carter's group pursued the other men involved in the fight for two blocks.

“A fight club assembled. There was physical dominance over these fellows. You bullied them for two blocks like street urchins, members of the fight club,” Mr Winning said. “Even though they were armed, never at any time did they hit anyone in your group,” he said. The trial continues today.

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