Jessica Watson signs a globe for a happy family.
Jessica Watson signs a globe for a happy family. Nick Lawrence

Jessica Watson arrives in Brisbane

JESSICA Watson thrilled thousands of fans in Brisbane on Wednesday in her first public appearance on home soil since her momentous round-the-world sailing journey came to an end.

Fans both young and old packed into the Queen Street Mall to catch a glimpse of the record-breaking teen, and to hear her talk about her inspirational seven-month solo voyage.

After making a fashionably late entrance, Jessica mesmorised the pink-tinted crowd as she spoke about the challenges of life at sea, and the surreal experience of adjusting back into everyday life.

"In the first few days after I got back everyone was obviously making sure I was getting lots of rest, but I was getting a little stir-crazy because I was so used to being active and busy," she said.

"Settling back into normal life has been interesting because at sea no two days were ever even close to being the same.

"Each day, with the weather changing so much, I always had plenty to keep me busy."

Now back on dry land, Jessica is about to busy herself with new challenges, with a book and film project already in the pipeline.

But first she is looking forward to achieving another important goal - getting her driver's license.

"First of all I want to get my license and then I've got a book and film coming up," she said.

Afterwards, a select group of supporters were then given the opportunity to meet Jessica face-to-face and to get the young sailor's signature.


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