Mr Bambereck said they would soon be looking to expand as demand increases.
Mr Bambereck said they would soon be looking to expand as demand increases. Tom Gillespie

Jetgo airline finally hits Rockhampton skies

JETGO'S Paul Bambereck is flying high after yesterday's successful maiden flight on the company's new service between Townsville, Rockhampton and the Gold Coast.

The managing director said the 7.30am flight from Rocky to the Gold Coast was at least 75% full.

"They were not fully booked out but they were still well patronised," he said. "All parted on time. The radio promotion that we did in Rockhampton was a bit insane that morning, they were very excited which is a much better response than what we expected.

"Everyone seems to be very excited about the service."

Jetgo is currently running three services a week on the new route, but Mr Bambereck said they would soon be looking to expand as demand increases.

He said the company had expected it to take some time to build up.

"We would very much like to build it up over time... for now we are sticking to starting small and then we will build it up," he said.

"Even before the flights were launched, the feedback was all positive."

In selecting Rockhampton as the new site for an expanding service, Mr Bambereck said the location selection was done for a number of reasons.

He said for Jetgo, it was a combination of the commercial world and home-town affection.

"Firstly, we identified an unmet demand from Townsville to the Gold Coast; adding Rockhampton to it was a flight operation for us," he said.

"So the first reason was the demand on the route.

"The second factor was one of the company's founders, Jason Ryder, comes from Rockhampton and has a family home in Yeppoon... there is a very strong personal attraction to providing services from Central Queensland in general.

"The personal connection is what cemented it for us."

For now, the service operates on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays.

Book in:

Planning to book a seat with the new service?

Rocky-Townsville: from $192

Rocky-Gold Coast: from $115

$99 tickets are available (limited) from September 28 to October 28

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