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Jodie Marsh to block anyone Instagram who mentions pregnancy

JODIE Marsh has vowed she won't be pressurised into having a baby just because she is now married.

The 37-year-old glamour model-turned-documentary maker tied the knot with personal trainer James Placido in a secret ceremony in August last year.

And just six months after saying her vows on a beach in Barbados, the constant speculation that she is going to start a family has got to Jodie and she has taken to her Instagram account to rant against the idea all married women should be having babies.

Posting a photo showing off her super-toned abs to prove she doesn't have a burgeoning baby bump, the body-builder fumed: "This one is just for all those insensitive bastards who keep saying "are you pregnant?" Hahaha. No, as you can see I still have stomach definition and no sign of any pregnancy. Just because I got married doesn't mean I'm immediately trying for a baby. I have a LOT of living to do first with my wonderful husband. (sic)"

The blond beauty insists she won't be forced into doing "the norm" just because she's become James' wife.

She continued: "What's normal to me is to spend every spare minute with my amazing husband and to enjoy life. When we're ready we will address our options and not before then. No one is going to make me feel like I "should" have a baby and no woman should feel like that is her only purpose in life. While children are a wonderful thing, there are also other things in life that can make a person happy (believe it or not????!!!!!!) and we are in no rush. (sic)"

Jodie also admitted the pregnancy pressure is particularly upsetting to her because she has been told by doctors she has a "low egg count" and may find it hard to conceive and any of her Instagram followers who mentions her getting pregnant will be blocked.

She added: "I have been told that I have a low egg count and might struggle to conceive (you would know this if you were a true fan and watched my last lot of TV shows on TLC), so with all that information, here's how we're going to proceed: Anyone who says the "P" word again will get blocked, James and I will be looking to rescue even more animals than the 7 we already have and if you can't find us, we'll be out somewhere on the Harleys enjoying the freedom of our crazy, exciting, romantic lives. Got it? Good. (sic)"

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