The man who shot dead Beatle John Lennon has apologised for 'being an idiot'.
The man who shot dead Beatle John Lennon has apologised for 'being an idiot'. File

John Lennon's killer: 'Sorry for being an idiot'

JOHN Lennon's killer has been denied his eighth attempt at being paroled, following a hearing in which he apologised to the board for being an "idiot" that had chased the "wrong way for glory".

██████████████ released five shots on 8 December 1980 towards the former Beatle, hitting him four times outside the Upper West Side apartment that the musician had lived in.

███████, 59, pled guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced in 1981 to 20 years to life in jail.

In a transcript released yesterday, he told the three-member panel: "I am sorry for causing that type of pain.

"I am sorry for being such an idiot and choosing the wrong way for glory.

"Many, many people loved him. He was a great and talented man and they are still hurting. I get letters so that's a major factor. It's not a regular crime."

The board denied his request and said that his release would "so deprecate the serious nature of the crime as to undermine respect for the law."

███████ is at the Wende Correctional Facility, east of Buffalo, and can try for release again in two years.

APN has declined to name the singer's killer or publish his photograph in this article, given the crime was committed in pursuit of fame.

The unedited version first appeared at The Independent.


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