IN FINE FORM: Nickie Ware enjoys great health and personal success since overcoming great obstacles. cont
IN FINE FORM: Nickie Ware enjoys great health and personal success since overcoming great obstacles. cont

Journey to success a rocky road for Nickie

NICKIE Ware and her husband combine their thriving health and wellness centre in Emerald with regular overseas trips to fulfil competitive and sponsorship commitments.

However, Nickie has had to overcome many obstacles on the road to achieving her business and personal goals.

Nickie has had a long-term interest in body-building but the sport has not always been kind to her.

“I did a lot of damage to my body in my youth with poor training advice, and I had a long struggle to overcome the physical and emotional effects of an eating disorder,” Nickie said.

“I used to work in hospitality and the irregular hours and shiftwork caused me to develop a really negative attitude.

“I eventually thought - ‘there has to be more to life than this’ - and it was about that time that I walked into Ken’s gym.”

Nickie then embarked on the long, hard road to health.

“I wanted to be well, and not be dictated to by images in magazines and counting calories.

“Ken’s gym was a place where people were calm, relaxed and composed, and that was where I wanted to be.

“It took nearly four years for me to overcome all of my posture problems, recover from injuries and learn how to eat again – it was a total overhaul of my mind and body.

“It wasn’t until I had let my body recalibrate itself and stabilise that I was able to even start training for body-building.”

Nickie started competing in 2003 and said she “always used to come last for the first few years”.

“It was terrifying to get up there in front of everyone - at first I was just like a piece of cardboard with lines drawn on,” she said.

Her perseverance and dedication began to pay off, and Nickie went on to win the crowns of Miss Australia in 2008, and Miss International in 2009 – a title she currently holds for 2010.

She also received the Australia Day Sports Medal for Senior Sportsperson in January 2010.

Nickie also turned her personal life around.

“After Ken and I got together, we began to focus on building a business where we could help people in a positive environment,” she said.

“After successfully doing this in Middlemount and Mackay, we were asked to set up a gym in Sarina, but the support we were promised did not come through. It was time to move on.”

Emerald emerged as a booming place to set up business, while still remaining small enough to offer a community-focused lifestyle.

Nickie and Ken have established two independent gyms and a supplement shop.

Nickie remains passionate about helping people and has many motivating stories about her clients’ medical and emotional achievements.

“One client got out of a wheelchair after the first visit,” she said.

Nickie’s international profile is about to increase as she has been selected as one of the few high-profile athletes to join Team Flush.

The ambassadors for this fitness product are chosen for their ability, achievements and passion for what they do. Nickie will now feature in their global advertising campaign, and has received a lucrative sponsorship agreement to assist in the achievement of her goals.

One of which is the Miss Universe title, which Nickie believes is achievable from Emerald.

“Many people in Emerald are the best at what they do, the intellectual landscape here is outstanding, yet everyone is treated the same. It really teaches you to be humble.”


Born: Clermont

First job: Working at the jewellers and music store in Moranbah when I was 15.

Something people don’t know about me...: People know what I do, but people don’t know much about the real me.

Who inspires you?: My husband Ken. He has never given up, never wavered. He still has the same passion and enthusiasm for all he meets.


Who would you invite to dinner?: Ken, and Professor Dick Thompson, who wrote Stress Effect – he’s good fun. Depak Chopra would be very interesting.

Favourite quote: “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

“I eventually thought - ‘there has to be more to life than this’...”

Nickie Ware

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