Judge warns against 'tactical' bail applications

A JUDGE has warned criminals against gaming the bail system to get shorter sentences.

Sunshine Coast mother Kate Louise Hockney was denied bail in Brisbane Supreme Court on Wednesday for the second time after claiming she was risking spending longer in jail waiting to be sentenced than she would be when she was sentenced.

Ms Hockney, 43, has been accused of trafficking methylamphetamine and marijuana out of her family's Sunshine Coast home between August 2014 and May 2015.

Ms Hockney allegedly sold meth to 22 customers and marijuana to five customers in that period. She has been in prison for 15 months.

The court heard Ms Hockney was considering pleading guilty to the charges and believed she was at risk of spending too long in prison waiting to be sentenced.

But Justice Jean Dalton said she was concerned the bail application could be seen as a way to convince a sentencing judge to give her a lesser sentence.

"I would hate to think that the application was made for tactical reasons,” she said.

Ms Hockney's lawyers denied that was the reason for the application.

Justice Dalton said a future sentencing judge may be wary of separating Ms Hockney from her children for a brief period of jail and instead reduce the prison sentence.

Justice Dalton refused the bail application.


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