‘Jump on her skull’ threat follows row

MAGISTRATE Graham Lee was disgusted to hear 17-year-old Carley Louise Dixon pulled a knife on her friend during an argument.

On April 10, Dixon caught a taxi to a friend's house in Dragon St, Warwick, after a dispute on the phone about an ex-boyfriend.

Dixon had threatened she would "slit her f***ing throat and jump on her skull".

After bashing on the complainant's door, Dixon pulled a knife on her friend and started trying to throw punches.

Defence lawyer Daniel Haberman said Dixon had been drinking vodka.

"I know she shouldn't be drinking because she's underage, but it was a two-way argument on the phone," he said.

"Carley's mother tried to stop her from going over but she jumped in a taxi anyway."

That night the complainant's mother tried to stop the fight but was almost stabbed when she came between the young women.

The complainant received a wound on her arm from the knife after trying to protect herself.

Mr Lee couldn't believe a young woman could act in such a disgraceful way.

"This could have been so much more serious," he told the court.

"You are lucky it's not an unlawful wounding charge.

"The outcome from this could have been absolutely tragic."

Mr Haberman suggested punishment by way of a community service order or community supervision would be suitable.

"Even though there's no history, I am still going to treat this very seriously," Mr Lee said.

"And the fact her own mother can't control her is very concerning at her age."

Mr Haberman said punishment by way of a fine would not be suitable.

"She dropped out of school half-way through Year 11 and only receives $119 per fortnight from youth allowance," he said.

Mr Lee said he wanted Dixon to understand the seriousness of the charges.

"A young woman should not act this way," he said.

Dixon received a three month wholly suspended prison sentence.

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