IT'S A HIT: One of the junior classes at the tennis fun day.
IT'S A HIT: One of the junior classes at the tennis fun day. Kristen Booth

Juniors ace local comp

NOT even the rainy weather could keep the children inside and off the courts last weekend.

The Emerald Tennis Club held a fun day for all junior players who were interested as a pre-season introduction to the sport.

Children of all different ages turned up at the club to have a go at the hot shot introduction lessons, short games with doubles and general tips from the coaches.

They also received a sausage sizzle and icy cup following the games for their participation.

Coach Don Cameron said there was a great turnout and a lot of interest, regardless of the poor weather.

"I was very happy with the turnout, especially considering the weather,” Cameron said.

"We had most of the seven main courts being used. The young ones don't mind playing on any court, even if there's a bit of water on there.

"The courts were wet at 9am, but people kept turning up over the two hours that we had it.

"We had a variety of levels and ages, and they all went on the courts and got into groups and they looked like they were having some fun.

"The kids enjoyed their sausage sizzle and icy cups after the games, that always goes down well.”

The fun day was held to get new players involved, and expose the young players to the club for potential interest in coaching, or the junior fixtures competition.

The club is in the process of gradings, and will hold its final night next Monday, February 12.

This is the opportunity for anyone interested in tennis to come along and take part in the grading and to spend the time practising with the chance to pick up tips.

The junior fixtures competition will begin the following Monday, February 19.

Juniors run from 4-5.30pm and adults from 6.30pm.

The club will be holding competitions on weekends and regional competitions throughout the year.

Cameron said tennis was a great sport for all ages to join, no matter the level or ability.

"It's an individual game, and there's nowhere to hide,” he said.

"It's up to you to take the heat if you win or lose.”

Memberships with the Emerald Tennis Club will also include a Tennis Queensland membership and will allow members to use the courts at any time.

"It's a nice outdoor activity, and lets you play at times when it's not so hot,” Cameron said.

"There is lots of availability to play with friends or family of any age, you can play at your own physical level.”

For more information about club membership or getting involved, contact Don Cameron on 0439877797 or visit the Emerald Tennis Facebook page.

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