Cory and Liz Bond with Lachlan who is on the mend after being hit by a utility on the Gregory Hwy.
Cory and Liz Bond with Lachlan who is on the mend after being hit by a utility on the Gregory Hwy.

Just look who's bounced back!

AMAZING is the most fitting word to describe Lachlan Bond's recovery.

The 10-year-old was hit by a utility on the Gregory Hwy on September 30, as he ran across the road fetching a stray golf ball.

Lachlan is already back at home and, though sporting more than a few scars, bumps and bruises, his smile is still there.

"It's been a big nightmare, the worst experience ever," mum Liz said.

"He was running to get a golf ball, he likes playing golf.

"He was putting a golf ball around the grass and then it all happened in less than a minute."

Parents Cory and Liz Bond, managers of the Emerald Explorer's Inn, described the ordeal as "absolutely terrible".

"We were out the back having a cold drink and we heard a loud screech," Cory said.

"We thought it was out back due to the echoes but the chef came running, asking where Lachlan was."

The chef told them a boy had been hit by a car, so they lept from their seats and went to the accident scene.

"We couldn't get over it," Cory said of the moment they saw their son.

"He was awake when we got there and we had to hold him down.

"We didn't know what was wrong with him until we got to Rocky."

Lachlan was taken to the Emerald Hospital before being airlifted to Rockhampton.

There, doctors operated on him for seven hours, but he still required more medical care.

The following day Lachlan was flown down to Brisbane and put in an induced coma for four days.

Liz said they had to stay strong to make sure their son was okay, but afterwards there "were a lot of tears from the trauma".

"He was released a day under two weeks of the accident," she said.

"Doctors couldn't get over his recovery, they were expecting a lot longer."

Lachlan received lacerations to his forehead but no other head or spinal injuries.

"He has a bruised heart, lung and liver, his left ribs were fractured and his spleen removed," Cory said.

"He has a broken femur which has been plated and numerous other lacerations."

Liz said Lachlan had always been a fighter, adding his spirit had a lot to do with his swift recovery.

"He doesn't lay there feeling sorry for himself," she said.

Lachlan will continue with physiotherapy and remain on antibiotics for the rest of his life.

Cory and Liz stressed there were no hard feelings towards Chester Stokes, the driver of the utility that hit Lachlan.

"It was an awful freak accident," Liz said.

"He (Chester) came around every day when Lachlan was in Brisbane to keep up with reports. We feel for Chester too, it wasn't his fault in any way. We are sorry he has to live with it. We can't remember everyone due to the circumstances but we sincerely thank everyone one for their support and well wishes.

"They helped us through it, everyone was so good."

The family especially thanked the police, ambulance, fire brigade and the doctors, as well as the Emerald, Rockhampton and Royal Children's hospitals for their assistance.

While in hospital Lachlan received a special visit from Ben Hunt and Andrew McCullough from the Brisbane Broncos which the Emerald Brothers Junior Rugby League club organised.

Lachlan thanked his football team, coaches and classmates for their well wishes, and made a special thank you to the Avis car wash team, who were the first on the scene, and his nan and pop because "they stopped the traffic".

Liz and Cory also thank the team and directors at Explorer's Inn for their support.

And Lachlan has learnt his lesson from the ordeal.

"(I'll) never go near that road again," he said with a cheeky grin.

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