THE TULL SISTERS: Taking turns to pose with Sophie are (left) Emily, (top left to right) Stephanie, Natalie, (bottom left to right) Matilda and Monica.
THE TULL SISTERS: Taking turns to pose with Sophie are (left) Emily, (top left to right) Stephanie, Natalie, (bottom left to right) Matilda and Monica. Emerald Kids Photography

Cheaper by the half dozen

WHEN Emerald couple Adam and Tamasin Tull welcomed their first set of twin girls into the world, it was a dream come true.

Every daughter since has been a blessing - all four of them.

While the odds of having six girls are slim - only 3% - the latest addition to the Tull family, four-month-old Sophie Isabella, came as no surprise to Adam and Tamasin.

"We would have been wondering whose baby it was if we had a boy," Tamasin laughed.

The couple discussed having a large family in their early days of dating, and Sophie has now taken up the "last seat" in the family vehicle alongside sisters Monica and Matilda, eight, Natalie, five, Stephanie, four, and Emily, two.

With only half of the girls in school, life can get a bit "crazy" in the Tull household, but Tamasin said each girl played their part in the running of the house.

"Everyone knows they have to get their jobs done before they have free time," she said.

"Jobs being empty lunchboxes, put washing away or do their homework, and they help out as well at home."

Other household chores are left to mum, who after a successful career as a dancer - touring internationally with the Australian Ballet and Sydney Dance Comapnies - is now living out her other dream to be a stay-at-home mum, while Adam works five days on, two off, in Blackwater.

"We do do quite a bit of washing, it's the undies," Tamasin said.

"I can do a pink load… it might be dedicated to light pink or dark pink load, there's a lot of pink in house.

"I have had 53 pairs of underpants in one load, I counted them once, I thought 'this is insane'."

Each of the girls is each other's best friend, playing dress up and taking turns cuddling their new sister, but with the teenage years still a way down the track Adam and Tamasin have had their worries.

"I am not quite sure how I am going to tackle the teenage years yet," Tamasin said.

"We are both quite (protective) and given he (Adam) has an army background hopefully he can scare anyone," she laughed.

Tips caring for six

One complete row of Weet-Bix each morning, 1.4kg lasts six days

3L of milk per day

2kg of sausages per week

Average 40 pairs of undies per laundry load

Rotate girls between dinner, homework and bath time

Hooks on bunk bed instead of hangers

Use cloth nappies

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Creating support links

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