Kane shouted profanities and urinated in front of neighbours

BENJAMIN Kane really knows how to pee off the neighbours.

In fact, it was enough to land him in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

On January 17, at 10.30am Kane, 27, was sitting in the front garden of his South Rockhampton residence consuming liquor when suddenly, he started shouting profanities towards his neighbours and becoming aggressive towards them.

The court heard Kane was loud and disorderly towards his neighbours because he thought they had called the police on him the previous night in relation to noise coming from his residence.

The court heard that a number of calls were made to police that night in relation to the disturbance and police arrived at Kane's address to find him urinating in his front garden in view of his neighbours and members of the public.

Before police escorted Kane away, he pushed his brother, who was also at the property and started egging him on for a physical fight.

Kane pleaded guilty to one charge of public nuisance before stating to Magistrate Cameron Press that he had not urinated on public property.

"I was highly intoxicated," Kane told the court. "But I was on my own premises, so I wasn't urinating in public."

But Magistrate Cameron Press was not accepting Kane's excuses.

"The problem is that you've done this where the public can see you," Mr Press said.

"You could end up going to jail if you return to the court with a public nuisance charge."

Kane was sentenced to eight months probation.

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