Kasey Chambers will be in Capella tomorrow night.
Kasey Chambers will be in Capella tomorrow night.

Kasey's in town but one fan will miss out

FOR 13 years straight, Leonie LaBudda and her friend Kylie have been to a Kasey Chambers concert together in what they best describe as their “mum release”.

And with Kasey performing at the Capella Cultural Centre tomorrow night, this would have taken the total to 14 but unfortunately it is not to be as Kylie cannot make it due to work commitments.

“It is a bit sad, it doesn’t feel quite right,” Leonie said.

“I thought about not going because she can’t make it, I was hoping she would surprise me at the last minute so I bought two tickets.”

“We (Kylie and I) have some good memories, we waited two-and-a-half hours outside the stage door at QPAC to sign her book. We were talking to her and her father one on one.”

Leonie will be going to the concert with her husband and she said she was fairly confident he would become a Kasey fan too as anyone who sees her live will love her after the concert.

“She is just beautiful, a wonderful entertainer,” Leonie said.

“She is an amazing, real person who is not afraid to tell it like it is.”

And Kasey has promised she will be telling it like it is, describing the upcoming concert as bits and pieces with a mixed selection of old and new songs.

“It will be a bit of everything and a lot of stories of where the songs come from,” Kasey said.

“I hope by the end of the gig people feel like they know us more personally… as people and not just as musicians.”

Audiences will be treated to a family concert as Kasey performs with her husband Shane Nicholson but also with her father and good friend Ashleigh Dallas.

“It is a little bit different… but we get along really well,” she said

Also making an appearance on tour is the couple’s four-year-old son and his nine-year-old brother, though audiences may be hoping Kasey’s third child doesn’t make an appearance just yet.

“I am due in October… got a half-baked one,” she said with a laugh.

She warned her audience that she now sits for her performances as she can’t stand for very long, being so far along in her pregnancy.

“The bonus of having the family is they cook and look after me, mum looks after me and the kids,” Kasey said.

Doors open at 7.30pm for the concert and Kasey said she was looking forward to being back and performing in Capella, hailing Central Queensland as “always one of her favourite places to go”.

“There is something about country audiences,” Kasey said.

“I’ve played here before and I wouldn’t go back if I didn’t like it.”

Tickets are available by calling the Capella Cultural Centre on 4984 9300.

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