SMART: Weeroona Liquor Barn manager Kathy Wolfe was too alert for a man who tried to pass a dud $100 note.
SMART: Weeroona Liquor Barn manager Kathy Wolfe was too alert for a man who tried to pass a dud $100 note. David Nielsen

Dodgy money alarm: Kathy foils dud bill dunce

ALERT staff have foiled attempts to pass counterfeit $100 and $50 bills at two popular Ipswich businesses.

Yesterday at 12.30pm a man, accompanied by a female, went to buy a bottle of spirits at Weeroona Liquor Barn in Goodna with a fake $100 bill but bottle shop manager Kathy Wolfe noticed the counterfeit note and refused to accept it.

On New Years' Eve a man, also in the company of a female, passed two counterfeit $50 notes at the Jets Leagues Club in North Ipswich but bar staff noticed the fake the second time around.

Police are examining footage of the incidents, to determine if the same man is involved.

There was evidence to suggest that it was the same man.

Ms Wolfe was quick to notice the fake $100 bill as the distinctive window on one side of the note was missing.

"He came in and wanted a bottle of spirits," Ms Wolfe said.

"I think he was going to try and steal it, but he had a $100 note on the outside of his wallet to make it look like he had money.

"I stayed with him the whole time and he went to use pay pass with his credit card. But when I said we don't have it he handed me the fake note.

"I just said to him, 'Mate, I'm not taking that. That's counterfeit. Look at the window'.

"He tried to act dumb.

"But I knew it was photocopied because the window was white

"It would have been more ingenious if they had cut the window out."

Ms Wolfe said the man tried to make out that someone else had passed him the fake note.

She said both the man and his female companion appeared to be high on drugs.

Both left the bottle shop on foot.

Ms Wolfe, who said there had been attempts to pass fake $50 notes at the bottle shop last year, called police to notify them of the incident.

She gave the fake note back to the man.

"You are better off giving it back to them when they are on drugs, because he only would have got agitated," she said.

Ms Wolfe said the man had "short brown hair, a black shirt, blue boardies and a black hat turned to one side".

She described the female as having reddish brown hair in her mid to late 20s.

In regard to the attempt at Jets Leagues Club, acting Senior Sergeant Craig Marshall said the man had used two $50 notes to make an initial purchase, one fake and one real, and had got away with it.

The man tried it again but the fake note was recognised.

The serial number of the counterfeit $50 note police have confiscated is IJ08819152.

It is likely there are other counterfeit $50 notes with the same serial number as the fakes are often photocopied.

Sen Sgt Marshall said the man involved in the Jets incident was known to police.

"We know him very well," he said.

"He couldn't sign in as a visitor so he had provide ID and sign up as a member.

"They have got his ID and he is on camera, so he is not the sharpest tool in the shed."

Sen Sgt Marshall said alert staff had done well to identify the counterfeit notes, as bars can be a busy environment where employees are often juggling many tasks at the one time.

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