GOOD SEASONS: Farmer Shane Eden with his wheat crop.
GOOD SEASONS: Farmer Shane Eden with his wheat crop. Jessica Dorey

Keep the good seasons rolling

LOCATED outside Springsure, Shane Eden's farm Wallallee and Kilmore homestead are an excellent example of a perfect winter season.

"Our chickpea crop is shaping up to be the best I've seen. About four or five years ago there was a crop that was pretty good, but this one looks to turn out even better," he said.

A month away from harvesting the chickpeas, Mr Eden is focused on getting his current crops to maturity.

"We are hoping this weather holds out. If we can get through the next month without any big changes in weather the crop will finish very well."

In summer Mr Eden farms mungbean and sorghum crops. These dryland crops grow throughout the wet season and rely on rain.

"A change in weather conditions in summer needs to be very severe to cause any issue with these specific crops," Mr Eden said.

"In general we prefer rain. It would probably cause more of a problem if we saw less rain."

Mr Eden said that farmers in the region are still catching up after experiencing three years of below average seasons.

"We have seen some rain over the past few summer's. However, it has been patchy and narrow in profile. When rain is not widespread it means that some crops miss out," he said.

"For example, I might get rain but my neighbour won't. And vice versa."

Mr Eden is not concerned about the big wet due this summer. Instead he is confident that if good seasons continue things will be looking up, sooner rather than later.

"What we really need is a few good seasons strung together so everyone can get back on top again."

"When farmers have good seasons, it's good for the community. The money they spend filters down through the town and the whole community benefits."

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