3% of Queenslanders had their cars vandalised in the past 12 months
3% of Queenslanders had their cars vandalised in the past 12 months Sharyn O'Neill ROK140113scrime1

Keying most popular form of car vandalism

BEWARE vandals wielding keys - your car could be next.

Brazen paint-scratching despoilers are the worst type of miscreant when it comes to deliberate car damage across the state.

A RACQ survey released today reveals drivers are more likely to have their cars "keyed" than any other act of vandalism.

Keyed refers to someone scraping a key - or other solid object - on the paintwork of a vehicle.

About 45% of the state's motorists have had their pride and joy attacked by key-mad mischief-makers.

Windscreen wreckers come in second at 16.3% and panel kickers cause the third most frequent form of damage at 9%.

Those surveyed also revealed a list of bizarre attacks including sugar in fuel tanks, paint stripper poured over a car and a car being reversed over by a larger vehicle.

RACQ Insurance communications executive manager Mike Sopinski said one in five Queensland motorists - or 18% - have had their car vandalised.

Mr Sopinski said 3% of Queenslanders had their cars vandalised in the past 12 months.

"These acts of vandalism are mostly random attacks and often the offender or offenders aren't identified," Mr Sopinski said.

"In some cases however, given the nature of damage to the car, personal reasons are suspected as motivation for the attack.



The most common acts of car vandalism in Queensland include:

  • Scratched paint - 45.5%
  • Broken windscreens - 16.3%
  • Damaged panels - 9%
  • Stolen badges - 6.2%
  • Stolen parts - 4.5%
  • Slashed tyres - 3.9%
  • Arson attacks - 3.4%
  • Eggs thrown at vehicles - 2.8%
  • Graffiti - 2.2%
  • Tyres let down - 2.2%

Source: RACQ

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