Colin Fassnidge and Rachel Khoo will judge the third round of instant restaurants on the TV series My Kitchen Rules.
Colin Fassnidge and Rachel Khoo will judge the third round of instant restaurants on the TV series My Kitchen Rules. Andrew Watson

MKR secret is out: Celebrity chef Rachel Khoo is in

A MYSTERY no more, British chef Rachel Khoo makes her debut on My Kitchen Rules on Monday.

The beautiful and fashionable TV presenter and author was recently revealed as the highly publicised mystery guest judge joining Colin Fassnidge for a third round of instant restaurants.

I think it's a smart move introducing a woman into the popular instant restaurant rounds of the cooking show.

Previously a female judge didn't feature until the teams convened at Kitchen HQ where Karen Martini and Liz Egan helped to critique the food.

Last year Fassnidge certainly looked lonely at the end of the table when the third round of instant restaurants was first introduced.

Unless you've watched any of her series on SBS, then you're probably unfamiliar with Khoo.

She's no stranger to Australia, having filmed a season of Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook in Melbourne.

But the diverse third group of contestants will take Khoo around Australia, from Cairns to country Victoria and Adelaide.

After getting a sneak peek at Monday's episode, I think Khoo is a nice complement to Fassnidge.

She's certainly not the good cop to his bad cop. Both give praise where deserved, and helpful critiques where needed.

I'm sure a weight's been lifted off Fassnidge's shoulders now that he doesn't have to keep his secret.

He recently told me that over the summer, since the first mystery judge promos began airing late last year, members of the public have been approaching him to put in their two cents.

"I was cutting my grass one day with my daughter in front of my house and this car pulls up," he said.

"A door opened and they said 'who is the judge?' It was like a drive-by shooting.

"I said 'I can't tell you' and then she gave me a list of who she didn't want it to be. They're (the fans) very passionate."

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