Kid crime wave hits Roma, causes thousands in damages

A GROUP of children under the age of 10 have allegedly been involved in a crime spree in Roma over the weekend, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of damage.

The juveniles went from one location to the next leaving behind a trail of destruction, according to Roma Police's Adam Thompson.

Constable Thompson alleges they started at the Roma State College Middle Campus, where they smashed a door to gain access to the canteen and then proceeded to steal lollies and drinks.

They then took matches or a lighter and a can of fly spray and attempted to burn items in the canteen.

It is alleged they then went to the Senior Campus and broke in to L-Block, where they used one of the phones inside to make a prank call to triple zero and asked for Ambulance services.

Both an ambulance and Roma police attended the call to find no one at the school.

Following this, police allege a caravan at the back of a private property in Queen St was broken in to with estimations of $3000-4000 worth of damage caused.

"The elderly lady who is the owner of the caravan was in tears and I felt so sorry for her," Const Thompson said.

"They stole a quantity of money, damaged property, ransacked the shed in the premise and caused a mess."

Const Thompson said the police had received a number of calls from citizens who reported the juveniles entering their properties on the day.

"The juveniles have been caught but unfortunately because the law states that children under 10 cannot be charged and they can not be held accountable for the damages this means all we were able to do was reprimand them," he said.

"The law is in place because children under 10 don't know the difference from right and wrong but these kids know what they're doing is wrong.

"Honestly I think parents should be watching their children more and parents who are at home should not be letting their kids roam the streets."

Police thanked members of the public for alerting them to suspicious behaviour and strongly encouraged everyone to report anything they deem is out of the ordinary.

"Especially as it is school holidays now if you happen to drive past one of the schools and see someone in there it's best to report it," Const Thompson said.

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