These photos show the burns on Tysonn Loughran body after his pressure-cooker 'exploded'.
These photos show the burns on Tysonn Loughran body after his pressure-cooker 'exploded'.

Kitchen appliance explodes, dad suffers third-degree burns

THESE graphic photos of painful burns on Tysonn Loughran's body show just how dangerous a common kitchen appliance for those heart-warming winter dinners can be.

Tysonn's partner, Elyssa Lofay believed the injuries could have been fatal after the barely used pressure-cooker the couple bought "exploded" on them on Easter Sunday.


Elyssa Lofay and Tysonn Loughran.
Elyssa Lofay and Tysonn Loughran. Facebook Elyssa Lofay

The couple have written to Bellini, the manufacturer and Target Australia, where they bought it from seeking compensation for Tysonn's extensive injuries and loss of work as it will take weeks for his second and third-degree burns to heal.

"Target has been helpful, but Bellini basically told us it was Target's problem," Elyssa said.

"I don't know how that can be as they make the product."

The couple had decided to cook their unwell four-year-old daughter, Indyanna a nice "vegie soup" in the pressure-cooker they had bought about 18 months earlier.

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After reading the instructions, placing the ingredients and water in the cooker, they left it to do its job.

When the timer went off and the pressure valve released, Tysonn heard a "click" for the lid to come off.

But as he went to the lid "he could feel the pressure under the lid".

"He said to me 'get back, bet back' and then it just exploded," Elyssa said.

"There was vegie steam and liquid everywhere, it completely covered the downstairs of our house."


These photos show the burns on Tysonn Loughran body after his pressure-cooker 'exploded'.
These photos show the burns on Tysonn Loughran body after his pressure-cooker 'exploded'.

She was grateful Indyanna wasn't in the room as "if she had been in the way it could have killed her".

Elyssa called the ambulance and Tysonn was diagnosed with serious burns.

"He has second and third degree burns," Elyssa said.

"He is on extremely strong medication and can't work for the next month as the skin hurts so much and may become infected."

The couple were having blood tests done today as there were no fears the burns had become infected which would delay his return to work even longer.

"He works in construction, if he doesn't turn up, he doesn't get paid," Elyssa said.

The couple will "never use a pressure-cooker again" and hope the product will be recalled.

"They advertise it as 'the best thing ever'", Elyssa siad.

"We had used it before and didn't have a problem, but there must have been a fault with the pressure release valve.

"It shouldn't allow you to open the lid unless all the pressure has been released.".

They have also contacted the Electrical Safety Office and Consumer Affairs and have spoken to a lawyer to get advice.

The Daily approached Bellini and Target for comment on April 19. Target has advised it is working on a response.

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