Heidi Klum arrives at her annual Halloween party.
Heidi Klum arrives at her annual Halloween party. Twitter

Klum tops Gaga with 'dead body' outfit

Heidi Klum went one step further than Lady Gaga's meat dress for Halloween - she died.

Klum dressed up as a cadaver for her annual Halloween party, and she went all out for her costume, spending all day being airbrushed and then arriving on a gurney being pushed by doctors covered in blood.

The Daily Mail reported Klum as saying her outfit was "like a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off. It's basically like me naked.

"All my veins and blood will all be visible ... You don't feel quite naked with it because it is so colourful."

The 38-year-old supermodel posted updates on her Twitter feed to her fans as her outfit was made, from having a cap placed over her face to the actual airbrushing and then the final result.

Klum is a huge fan of Halloween, and dressed up as Hindu goddess Kali, a Transformer and a black bird at previous events.

Gaga infamously wore a meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, courting controversy from animal rights group Peta.

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