Helen Darbellay releases Pistachio into the wild yesterday.
Helen Darbellay releases Pistachio into the wild yesterday. Sarah Harvey

Koalas adapt to wild life

CASHEW and Pistachio are back in the wild again.

No, they are not a couple of nuts on the loose.

They are two happy koalas returned to the wild at Denmark Conservation Hill by the Ipswich Koala Protection Society.

Cashew, thought to be around six years old, was picked up in Whitehill Rd, Eastern Heights in November and taken to Moggill Koala Hospital with cystitis.

The disease is often fatal for females but Cashew responded well to care and is now back where she belongs.

Pistachio, the young rascal, is a five-year-old male who is rumoured to have been seen leaving the City View Hotel in West Ipswich a couple of weeks ago.

He was rescued by Ipswich Koala Protection Society’s Maureen Hall after suffering minor injuries when struck by a car.

Pistachio climbed one of the tallest gum trees around when released yesterday and went straight to the top in 10 seconds flat, before munching away on his favourite greenery.

Cashew wailed for a while, no doubt surprised by her new-found freedom, but was soon looking serene in a gum of more modest size. Ipswich Koala Protection Society secretary Helen Darbellay said the pair could get together in the near future.

“Cashew is a bit older than Pistachio, but cougars are all the rage now,” she grinned.

“Cashew had been in captivity for close to a year in something close to seven foot high and had people bringing leaf to her. All this freedom might be a shock to the system for her.”

Ms Darbellay said the society’s work was rewarding and vital.

“It is rewarding, but at this time of year most of the koalas that come in are car hits or dog attacks, because they are on the move,” she said.

“It is the big, healthy beautiful ones with the perfect body score of 10.

“They are roaming around looking for a mate. They are crossing roads and getting hit.”

If people see a stricken, healthy or dead koala they should contact the society.

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