Kylie Jenner should be so lucky if she wants to steal the Kylie name.
Kylie Jenner should be so lucky if she wants to steal the Kylie name. Independent News and Media

KYLIES DO BATTLE: Minogue V Jenner in trademark spat

WHO do you think of when someone says "Kylie"?

Is it the fresh-faced, seemingly-immortal Australian songstress who has dominated pop charts for decades?

Or is it the plump-lipped, endlessly-pouting and provocatively chic Kylie Jenner, the youngest daughter in the extended Kardashian/Jenner clan?

Well the young Kylie is now taking on the iconic Kylie in a trademark dispute as both try to make a living using only their first names.

Jenner wants to trademark "Kylie" in relation to advertising, according to the World Intellectual Property Review.

But Minogue's representatives were having none of it.

Her representatives KDB filed a formal opposition to Jenner's motion last Monday.

Apparently Minogue already has some Kylie trademarks to her name that cover entertainment services and music recordings.

Her team also took a swipe at Jenner, calling her a "secondary reality television personality".

It also accused Jenner of copping criticism for disability rights groups and African-American communities.

Apparently Jenner has also attempted to file a trademark for "Kylie" under entertainment services, which will again re-ignite a (hopefully) red-hot battle of the Kylies.

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