Lady Gaga wants to make dad proud

LADY Gaga wants her dad to be proud of her music more than she wants worldwide adulation.

The 'Edge of Glory' singer - whose latest album 'Born This Way' has gone to number one in over 20 countries - insists one of the biggest motivations for her music is her father Joseph Germanotta and it is his support which drives her on to succeed.

Gaga said: "As much as I want the world to be happy, at the end of the day I just want my dad to be proud of me."

The pop superstar also spoke of her family's reaction to her rise to fame and various eccentric fashion choices - which have included a dress made out of meat and a Kermit the frog coat.

In an interview on Japanese TV talk show Tetsuko no Heya, she said: "They were sometimes worried, sometimes confused. But with all things, with all adversity it takes time. I was very patient with them and they were very patient with me.

"Now the most wonderful thing about my family is that we are rock solid."

The 25-year-old singer - who appeared on the programme clad in a circular dress and sky-high heels - is also inspired by her millions of fans.

She explained: "As an artist I'm always trying to project to my fans and the world that the public does not define you who you are. You define you."

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