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Paul Murphy. Kelly Butterworth

Landholders claim a lack of consultation on project

LANDHOLDERS attended the New Emerald Coal community consultation opportunity in Emerald yesterday, but they weren't there looking for jobs.

Nigel Burnett said the majority of the landholders who banded together to attend the stall, which was set up in the Central Highlands Marketplace, had been unaware of the Teresa Coal Project until the EIS was released.

"They have these plans to put the corridor through people's houses and land," Mr Burnett said.

"Unless they (landholders) were directly affected by the mining, they weren't contacted. One of these goes straight through my house so I reckon there's a fair chance I might want to know about it."

Fellow landholder Paul Murphy thinks the project is "a disgrace".

"They don't need to be infringing on other good country or people's houses, not without notice," Mr Murphy said.

"It's a lack of consultation, zero consultation for those affected."

NEC senior stakeholder relations advisor Azra Alagic said she believed the meetings went well and landholder concerns about a lack of consultation were taken on board.

"We believed we had consulted adequately but have taken on board feedback from landholders," Ms Alagic said.

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