League-loving fans rejoicing

BEERS, pies and hardcore fans, footy is back, locally and on the small screen.

That dreaded pre-season is drawing to a close and Central Highlands teams are counting down the days till the games begin.

For some, they already have, with trial games and rep duty call-ups, but trial form means little as the big picture awaits early next month.

Local footy is something I have always loved attending, doing it for a living is the icing on top.

The big hits, the slick tries, abuse and catcalling from one fan to another, to the heckles on field and off and the game winning conversion as the siren sounds. I love it all.

Coming from Brisbane, I was pleasantly surprised at the skill levels I saw here in the Highlands. It was very close to the levels I witnessed in the city and feel lucky to have seen some of the unearthed gems this local league has produced.

Some leave and make it on bigger stages but some are happy to stay and showcase their uncapped talents week in week out at the Maccas Oval and Bears and McIndoe parks.

I was blown away with the ladies league, not only the standard but the physicality, dedication and will to win from all teams.

The fans rollick for the ladies games and for a good reason; the girls love their league and I truly feel we will see plenty of Queensland and Aussie reps for years to come.

The foundation is set through junior girls and the region will see the fruits of the hard work of the masses come to bear. League will always have a home in the Highlands.

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