Feel free to eat what you want.
Feel free to eat what you want. John McCutcheon/191814

Leave fat people and their food alone

FOURTEEN years ago, I took the scale in the bathroom and chucked it in the bin.

It wasn't long after the birth of my first child and the horror I experienced after the weight didn't immediately drop off.

I remember only hours after his birth standing on a scale in the hospital expecting to see a marked difference in figures.

I mean, I put on 13 kilograms, he weighed about 3.4 kilograms at birth, not to mention all the other muck that comes out, so surely I would be down at least five?

And pushing out a baby, even if you have an epidural, must burn lots of calories.

Do you want to guess how much I'd lost?

Nothing. As in, not a thing.

I confess, I went from being a loving, doting, new mum to a raving person obsessed with the injustice of "the scale".

Then one day, I had an epiphany. Focussing on my size was making me miserable and the scale was determining my level of happiness.

I think being happy burns more calories than being sad, but I don't have the scientific study to back this up (yet).

Also, you don't burn calories while standing on a scale, but you do by getting off your butt and getting outside.

Then some genius decided to put the amount of calories on every little item of food, even when you are going to get take-out at Maccas.

How depressing to know how many calories the hamburger I was so looking forward to eating contained! It ruined the meal and just made me binge more.

As with the scale, I have had to train my brain to not look at the calories and enjoy a rare treat.

My weight hasn't ballooned in the following 14 years even though I may carry some baggage.

Plans know to include how much exercise I would need to do to burn off a specific item horrify me.

Give fat people, or people struggling with their weight, a break!

More is achieved by encouraging people to get outside and get active than be highlighting what they are eating.

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