Leaving a legacy for his sons

Car Owner

Kevin Sampson

Name of Car

Other Woman

Make and Model

Holden HT Monaro 1969

What was your first car?

HT Kingswood

When did you buy your first project?

I got my first project, the Kingswood, off my brother because he got an apprenticeship in Brisbane.

How long has it taken to restore your favourite drive?

It has taken about 20 years to get it on the road.

Why did you pick this type of car?

I loved the style and stance of the coupes.

How many owners has this vehicle had?

I'm unsure of the owners but I have the original operator's manual with the dealership details.

What modifications or work have you carried out?

I kept it all original.

What is the history behind your vehicle?

I bought it locally from a guy that knew a lot about how original it was.

Would you ever think of parting with your favourite car?

When I can't physically drive it any more, my sons will have the first options. Life is boring without a hobby.

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Help shape the future of the arts

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