Sex workers are confirmed to be operating out of Bowen Basin motels.
Sex workers are confirmed to be operating out of Bowen Basin motels.

Ins and outs for working girls

SEX workers are operating out of motels in Bowen Basin communities, the Central Queensland News has confirmed.

Phone calls to various motels and hotels in towns such as Blackwater, Dysart, Emerald and Moranbah established sex industry workers were contacting the accommodation venues for stays predominantly from Monday to Friday.

At the time of making a booking, a sex worker must, by law, identify themselves as a 'working girl', according to one Emerald motel manager.

"You can generally identify them (sex workers) by their requests," Geoffrey Rogers said, although he admitted some callers had previously attempted to book accommodation "quite cunningly".

Mr Rogers said sex workers generally never allowed housekeeping into the room during the day, always asked for extra towels and paid for the room in cash.

A Blackwater motel manager said they had been approached by a sex worker about six weeks ago but declined to let the room due to the conflict of interest with other guests.

"Most of our customers are mine workers and contractors working on different shifts so we really couldn't justify the extra noise," the manager said.

"It's common practice for us not to vaccuum while our guests, who may be on night shift, are sleeping."

Recent court rulings found premises with a liquor licence were legally able to refuse sex workers a room at their establishments.

It was also confirmed at least one sex worker was operating out of an Emerald caravan park, which legally was not bound by liquor licensing.

Respect Inc chairperson Jenny King said due to high level of discrimination within the wider community "caused by misconceptions or moralistic views", sex workers preferred to fly in and out of regional communities.

"However, some are running their businesses within their local communities or neighbouring communities," Ms King said.

"Sexual services are in demand in all parts of the community regardless of size or location.

"Like all small businesses, investigating the market, supply and demand can determine a good business plan."

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