Pat and Sally Bradley with their motor home, ready to set off on an adventure. Photo: Meghan Kidd
Pat and Sally Bradley with their motor home, ready to set off on an adventure. Photo: Meghan Kidd

Let's sell up and go!

AFTER living in Emerald for 19 years, Pat and Sally Bradley are setting off with nothing but their motor home and a sense of adventure.

The couple are waving goodbye to Emerald and their family and friends on Sunday, to become travelling nomads.

"We had enough of the rat race, doing the same thing each year, working and paying bills," Pat said.

"We weren't getting away for holidays, so we just bit the bullet one day and said 'let's sell up and go', we're ready to roll."

They have had plenty of time to get accustomed to their new home on wheels.

"We've been living in it since March," Pat said.

"We bought it in February last year; it pretty much came with everything. We've already done a few trips away in it."

The fifth wheeler caravan will be the place they call home hopefully for the next decade.

"We're going to travel indefinitely. We hope to be doing it for 10 years," Pat said.

Pat and Sally will not be short of adventure - the couple know plenty of people around the country and Pat said they are hoping to pick up work along the way.

"There's plenty of seasonal work down south," he added.

As for where they will be travelling to, nothing is set to an itinerary. The Bradleys are going to travel at their own pace, taking in the sights of Australia.

Pat and Sally's two children, Jack, 22, and Amy, 21, are both sad and excited for their parents' adventure, but will soon have one of their own.

"They're going on a Contiki tour for 45 days this year," Pat said.

"Travelling is in the family, it has been a huge part of our lives and we look forward to the adventure that lies ahead of us in our travels around Australia."

All friends of the family are invited to the Emerald Golf Club tonight to say goodbye to the Bradleys, before they set off on their adventure of a lifetime.

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