LETTER: Time for compulsory education in order to vote?

TO GAIN some understanding and maybe even some respect for our elected "leaders", maybe it is time there was some compulsory education to match the compulsory voting system.

The average voter has been trained to have a narrow focus on the so-called leaders of the major political parties.

A leader can be readily recognised having been well-trained to be presentable in appearance for every occasion and not speaking with too much "strine". Of course the potential leaders have a background check.

But what really matters is that the voters have an understanding of the philosophy and policies of the party that the leader has been chosen to represent.

Class consciousness thankfully no longer has the restrictions it once had. A worker does not have to be labelled as "working class" and forever kept from showing too much ambition, maybe even going to university.

No longer are women regarded as a different species to be kept in their place. What are the expectations of the average voter?

Social changes that are now acceptable, have not happened overnight.

Are all political parties expected to have a forest of money trees so that no-one is expected to take responsibility for their actions?

A philosophy and subsequent policy that may have been suitable to campaign with two or three generations ago could be well out of date in 2015.

- JOAN BROOME, Toowoomba

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