LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Charity begins at home


Charity begins at home
The Afghanistan conflict against the Taliban is an unwinnable war.

The USA under Trump determined to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan by 1 May.

The Biden administration has decided to prolong it by 6 months.
Australia has been caught up in a war it didn‘t start.

Simply by being an ally, meant our men are also involved in this conflict.

Hundreds have been sacrificed with no resolution.

How can we sustain a war, when our own people endure flooding, fire and loss of standard of living, because our government’s focus is on this foreign conflict.

Governments need to mitigate historical flooding in areas where the risk is like playing Russian roulette; the worst for over 60 years in many areas.

Knowing development in such flood-prone areas adds to the risk, wisdom need to be applied when creating residential communities.
Rather than investing more of the billions already wasted on foreign soil, to mitigate flooding is a far more ethical use of taxpayer dollars.

We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

Either way, who determines what is the better choice for our money? Is this a moral issue? Are we responsible for a conflict between Afghanistanis threatened by a warring Afghanistan terrorist group?

Where do Australian taxpayers draw the line? Selfishness is not the issue. Are continuous, irresolvable global conflicts our nation’s responsibility?

“No man is an island, entire unto itself; we are all part of the continent.”[John Donne] We have suffered extensive flooding and loss and our own people are hurting. Charity begins at home.

– Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands


Neil Fisher challenges councillors to drag race at Rockynats 2022.
Neil Fisher challenges councillors to drag race at Rockynats 2022.


AS. The topic of e-scooters coming to Rocky. My view is not that they will be dumped in river etc. but the safety aspect. I travel to Brisbane at least three times a year and say from experience that they are not safe. You are walking on the footpath in the CBD of Brisbane and they come whizzing past you from behind nearly knocking you over. Of course there are people whom are riding them in the right way but there are also louts that don’t care about anyone but themselves. It will not take cars off the road as it is the younger people that use them. They are not the people whom have cars or catch taxis. Please RRC don’t bring them to our city.

LPMC. Steven Miles, X Qld Health Minister has excelled himself again, showing his mouth is 10 times larger than his intelligence. Qld Health is in one hell of a mess. Have a thought for the elderly in lockdown, my 91 year old Mother lives in a Brisbane nursing home, with weeks of no contact with family members, this action is unacceptable, but does Steven Miles care?

ANON. Thousands unemployed, farmers crying out for workers … what is the government doing? Get these people out to the farmers. They made it too easy for them to say no. A bit of hard work never hurt anybody. We are a Lucky Country but it won’t be for long with a government that only looks after their very generous nest egg thanks to hard working taxpayers.


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