Harry's view on Clarke Creek wind farm.
Harry's view on Clarke Creek wind farm.

LETTERS: Election chance to fix what’s broken



Narcissistic Trump

NARCISSISTS are legends in their own mind, always right, unable to act maturely to resolve conflicts.

In our society, often these personalities run huge corporations, striving for positions of power. in business and governments.

Trump is the stereotypical narcissist, denigrating the Democratic nomination of Kamala Harris as vice president in Biden's team.

The derogatory language he used to intimidate this talented lady of immigrant parents as; "the meanest, horrible and disrespectful", reveals Trump's personality, character and immorality. Trump is threatened by any challenge to his authority.

He knows the November election will rely on postal votes through the COVID pandemic.

He has a historical lack of respect for women, hates criticism and wants to win.

Trump is preparing voters for a fake election outcome.

By installing his own choice for Postmaster General, he claims postal votes won't give a valid election outcome.

Due to the reduction in funds he has withdrawn from the postal service per se, if the Democrats win, he will cry "wolf"!

He will manipulate all systems which are unfavourable to his re-election.

His irrational and unfounded comments about opponents as morally corrupt and untrustworthy, is the pot calling the kettle black.

He is desperate in a time when the ratings show his imminent demise.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands


We can do better

THE QUEENSLAND State Election is just around the corner…October 31, 2020.

I am sure that most would agree that 2020 has been a pretty tough year but an election gives us the opportunity to fix what's broken and prepare for a better 2021.

For a short moment in time, politicians have to actually listen to their constituents and, in some cases, meet their demands.

Political parties are already starting to promise the world to secure your vote; money for this, a new project for that, jobs galore…

But the next few years are going to be uniquely important for Queensland as we move out of the COVID-19 pandemic and resurrect a struggling economy.

We need to rebuild an economy based on our future needs and not on short-term bandages offered up by many of our politicians.

Here is a short wish-list that we should be taking to our local candidates.

Their answers will determine who will earn your vote.

1. Recognising that over the past few decades, the health of the Reef has deteriorated due to the impacts of poor water quality and climate change, what steps will you take to improve the health of the Great Barrier Reef?

2. The impacts of climate change are being felt across Queensland; bush fires, drought, heatwaves, flooding and coral bleaching. What are your priority projects for mitigating climate change?

3. Science makes it very clear that to mitigate climate change, we need to quickly reduce our carbon emission. Would you support 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050?

Simple enough questions and all with the same answer: a quick and fair transition to renewable energy which will lead to a strong and future-proof economy.

That's what we should expect all serious political parties to support.

Tony Fontes, Jubilee Pocket



Harry's view on Clarke Creek wind farm.
Harry's view on Clarke Creek wind farm.


ANON. Now we no why agde care is in a total shambles, we give away millions in aid but can't find somebody capable of looking after our golden generation in their twilight years. The PM needs to have hard look at himself and find somebody capable of looking after aged care. Here are some suggestions: more money for staff, more training, more staff ratio, and get rid of excess baggage.

ANON. I refer to the report in TMB concerning Rockhampton's ongoing "Stadium Saga". It's sad that we can't follow the example of our North Queensland neighbours and politicians. They have already completed the building of their new 25,000-seat world class stadium in Townsville. It was reported that the project was financially supported by the Queensland Govt and the Australian Govt to the tune of $140m and $100m respectively. Also mentioned, was the fact that almost 500 local businesses had benefited from creation of this world - class venue. The opening day for the stadium was scheduled for February 22nd 2020.



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