Harry's view on border row and State of Origin.
Harry's view on border row and State of Origin.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ‘To an egoist, winning is personal’


To the last man standing!

Non-compulsory voting and only half of the 300 million Americans voted.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.” ((Edmund Burke)

With unprecedented, incredible rhetoric: Tell them to stop the testing! (the China virus); “Stop the count!”, (only in states Republicans may lose); “The election has been stolen”; “I like to win (at all costs); I hate losing!”, to an egoist, winning is personal.

The media has played straight into Trump’s hands.

Giving this narcissist airtime, does more damage to democracy, than the socialism he implies his opposition represents.

He is the “Mugabe” of the West.

His troops have rallied around him.

The USA is a nation divided against itself.

This is all about saving face.

Trump is not about playing fair; it is not in his best, interests.

He defied all reasonable protocol and norms, pulling out all the stops, puppets and legitimate institutions at his disposal, to win at all costs: the same ugly tactics this incumbent appropriates in business.

It’s only a matter of time.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands

Saving water

I keep an ice cream container in the bathroom sink.

When I wash my hands after urinating, I pour the water into the toilet, saving two gallons.

If everybody did this it would amount to a huge saving of water daily.

James Pross, Toowong


Harry's view on border row and State of Origin.
Harry's view on border row and State of Origin.


ANON. All this money being spent, what about some bloody affordable unit housing for single low income earners who get the rough end of the pineapple? The Labor gov in Qld don’t give a hoot.

LPMC. Palaszczuk promised to cut Ministers to 14 and 1 Assistant Minister, now we have 18 and 8 Assistants, the Budget blowout begins costing $27Mil.


A woman who was stopped by police for allegedly using her phone while driving claims she was instead eating an ice cream with “glistening” caramel.

Lachlan Wickerson: Isn’t eating and driving illegal?

Rebbecca Jones: I got pulled over one night, and politely asked why I was using my phone, as the could see the cab light up every so often coming down north street.... I told them my phone was at home, and welcome to call it as my partner would answer....

Couldn’t explain why the cab was lighting up... turned out it was my Fitbit face lighting up every time I changed gears... never once were they rude about it!

Leslie Dorrington: The govt need the fine revenue, they are broke. Take it easy on them!

Scott Matthews: Phones, GPS devices are all over windscreens all over town, cars are jampacked with technology apple and android play gps coz people cant go without them distractions.

Leanne Bannah Ne-Boyle: One of the biggest distractions while driving can be children that are not happy to be going somewhere. I have had a few screaming children in the car with me over the years. I think there will always be distractions of some sort, people need to be able to deal with the distractions, somehow to remain safe it’s not always possible to stop the car right away either. So having a drink of water would be much less distracting than other things in my book. But I certainly agree, no phones.

Warren Mienert: It’s illegal eat, or drink behind the wheel as well.

Terry Mcdonaugh: So all of you have never had a bit of tucker while driving ???? How about a drink of water from a water bottle. I don’t condone it but we are all guilty of it.

Stella Hughes Smith: I would have thought eating an icecream while driving was very close to being just as bad as talking on a phone, you still have one hand off the wheel... you are supposed to have two hands on the wheel at all times except for changing gears.


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