Harry's view on voting fines.
Harry's view on voting fines.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ‘We are the envy of the world’


Criticising our PM

‘Knocking’ is an Australian pastime.

True to form, the Federal Opposition Labor leader, Anthony Albanese lacks charisma, but is emboldened enough to criticise how our PM has dealt with the 2020 economy and COVID response.

This does not go down well, while we all feel safer than many nations which weren’t proactive to contain the threat.

Foreign governments, including western nations, are still dealing with deaths in the hundreds of thousands.

With full confidence, we know Australia is one of the few who dealt responsibly and proactively with the impending threat early in 2020.

Our confidence in our federal leadership has been reflected in the smooth transition to border closures, changed work and life routines and now the vaccine, backed by generous government financial support.

We are the envy of the world, reflected in the global COVID statistics.

Trusting an unknown Labor leader with the economy, knowing Labor have a high spending and high taxing agenda, the devil we know is the road to recovery.

- Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands


Harry's view on voting fines.
Harry's view on voting fines.


ANON. Labor is not wanted in CQ so p--- off.

ANON. Get rid of the tired old show grounds and put a multi stadium there. Or do we have to wait until all the has beens are gone?


Scott Morrison has been accused of “going missing” during the coronavirus pandemic, as the federal opposition continues to question his leadership on issues including state borders and national quarantine.

Daniel Hammond: Same accusations were made during the bushfire crisis. No matter what he does, the people that hate him and what he stands for will ALWAYS criticise him.

Albert Zarb: Daniel Hammond, it’s because he’s not doing the job of a head of state. You sign on for that.

Kevin Conway: Absolutely hopeless. Did he provide additional funding for hospitals to deal with huge increase demand. No that was left to the states. Did he pay for quarantine of incoming overseas passengers. No, that was left to the states. Did he delay tax cuts to high income people and businesses to pay health costs and to pay for those who have lost work, had work cut back or experienced raised prices for basic goods. No first cuts were for the poor and now jobkeeper cuts mean that small business and casual employees will be affected while the rich save their money, and don’t grow the economy. Finally jobkeeper is far more important in Labor states like Queensland and WA where tourist income provides significant employment and income for the states. One has to ask is that why jobkeeper is being cut now, to create a pool of people disaffected with Labor Govts just pprior to early federal election!

Justin Maxwell: He is the biggest joke of a pm ever. Australian politics has really hit rock bottom.

Maree Kay: He can take no credit for how good we have it here in Australia. He was dragged kicking and screaming to close the international borders and help Australians who had lost their job. He has slammed our premiers for keeping our states safe, except of course Gladys, his gold standard, and look at how many of our aged were lost due to his incompetence. Not to mention he went missing when bushfires swept through our country and then lied until he was busted. Slomo is the most incompetent PM Australia has ever had!

Maxine Maike: Honestly, given the circumstances he did the best he could. Australians should be lucky that we have managed the COVID pandemic pretty well compared to overseas countries like the USA where 400,000+ people died.

Ann Kirk: Wouldn’t have wanted a better leader.


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