Harry's view on show assistants busted in CQ.
Harry's view on show assistants busted in CQ.

LETTERS: World under siege from invisible enemy




The world is under siege from an invisible enemy attacking the vulnerable and arrogant, regardless of race, creed, economic or social status.

This illusive force is proven to be a formidable opponent to be reckoned with, or suffer the consequences.

Previous pandemics have regional identities and have been contained.

However, within the present global community, transcontinental travel has spread this COVID-19 virus with relative ease and speed, like wildfire.

No-one is immune from its reach and devastation.

World leaders, with all precautions and security available, have not escaped its power.

It does not discriminate.

With no antidote, the best protection is social distancing, masks, isolation and commonsense. However, "commonsense is not so common"

It is a law unto itself, which sets the agenda like a living organism.

Only time and science will determine the outcome, not politics.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands

New Health Minister?

Queensland's Deputy Premier Steven Miles is refusing to apologise for a controversial tweet about President Donald Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis.

President Trump announced via Twitter both he and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19, in a response to the tweet, Mr Miles asked if the president had "considered intravenous disinfectant".

I take great offence to our deputy premier's remark, in regards to his statement that the leader of our free democracy should take a lethal injection?

We dodged a bullet, not from the ALP premier in QLD, but from public advice from the chief health officer and Queenslanders following that advice.

Australia has relied on the United States in past wars, to save our country from attack from hostile countries.

Our freedom has been fought by our patriotic Australians that have served our country to preserve the freedoms that we have today.

Steven Miles has a Doctorate in Unionism to his name.

The wharfie unions are crying out for a 6 per cent increase to their wages that average over $100,000, in times of a pandemic crisis, where thousands of businesses are going broke and unemployment figures are going through the roof, going slow for necessary items being imported to our country?

The unions have been responsible for putting Australian service members' lives at risk for several wars.

Sabotage at the wharves, where fights broke out with the US army in WW2 and in the Vietnam War.

I hope that Queensland doesn't get involved in a new war as I am sure that if Queensland was subject to a foreign attack that our health minister would be crying for help from the USA, and eating his criticism against the elected leader of the free world?

Leyland Barnett, North Rockhampton




Harry's view on show assistants busted in CQ.
Harry's view on show assistants busted in CQ.


LPMC. Palaszczuk approved $260Mil in public servant bonuses???? Why wasn't this money spent on rural bitumen roads? Queensland taxpayers need a new leader.

ANON. So here are my thoughts: people earning 60K or better should hang their heads in shame putting their hand out for the government cash cows when pensioners and low income earners are on struggle street. You all become too greedy.

ORACLE. Anon states that Qld Labor has kept Qld safe. Yes, by shuttering the economy. It's the same logic of keeping away from the roads and highways because accidents happen when people go onto roads and highways.



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