Licence tampering

LOCAL learner drivers are wanting to speed up some life experiences, like showing modified IDs to get into Emerald pubs.

Officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Graeme Reeves said a 16-year-old girl was the latest to be caught after being discovered with a modified learner’s licence at the Maraboon Tavern on Friday, October 22.

She has been given a notice to appear in court on counts of false representation of age and mutilation of a Queensland driver’s licence.

“This is a serious matter, and we’ve been catching a few of them out lately,” said Snr Sgt Reeves.

“What’s happening is the licence has clearly been altered, with the date of birth changed to increase age and the licence then resealed.

“In this case, the altered ID was spotted by a security guard who contacted police.”

Snr Sgt Reeves said all licensee members of the Emerald Liquor Accord had been contacted and provided with information to pass on to their staff which leads to the quick detection of an altered licence.

He said the trend had also been found to be increasing by Rockhampton police.

“It is very easy to detect,” said Snr Sgt Reeves.

“No matter how much they try to reseal the licence by laminating it, there are tell-tale signs.

“Any offenders caught in Emerald will be sent directly to court as police take this sort of offence seriously.

“Queensland driver’s licences are designed to resist attempts to be altered.”

The female will appear in upcoming sittings of the Emerald Children’s Court.

“What’s happening is the licence has clearly been altered, with the date of birth changed ...”

Senior Sergeant Graeme Reeves

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