Holly, Katie, Rob and Connor Moore know the impact influenza can have on your health.
Holly, Katie, Rob and Connor Moore know the impact influenza can have on your health.

Life almost lost due to 'man flu'

WHEN Rob Moore’s case of “man flu” took a turn for the worse, it also took wife Katie by surprise.

“Since April my husband has had a cold on and off and I would give him a hard time and tell him to take a teaspoon of cement,” Katie said. But after an 11-day stint in hospital with a case of Influenza A, Katie is urging other wives not to brush off their husbands as having “man flu” but to take it seriously.

“I used to say suck it up princess… but I now take man flu more seriously,” she said. “Now whenever he gets a cold it is straight to the doctor, we won’t be messing around.”

Katie describes Rob as a fit 35-year-old and said his condition became serious in late July when the family was in Mackay.

While there he developed a cough that got worse and a day after returning home, Rob recorded a temperature of 39.8C.

Within two days Rob was admitted to Emerald Hospital and was later airlifted to the Royal Brisbane Hospital’s intensive care unit for five days.

“The doctor described Rob as a very sick man, saying it was a bit of touch and go,” Katie said.

Rob was diagnosed with Influenza A and as the doctors weren’t sure “what they were dealing with,” he had to “get worse to get better”.

“They didn’t know the full extent of it but a nurse was there 24/7 monitoring his blood and oxygen levels,” Katie said. “His lung capacity was at 78%... he could hardly talk, some days he could only say five words.”

In addition to being in isolation for five days, Rob was kept at the Royal Brisbane Hospital for an extra four days to recover.

Rob is now back at home but has not returned to work and Katie said it would take up to a month for him to fully recover.

“He is still recovering… he can take a walk around the garden but then needs to take a nap, he is going to the physio to increase his lung capacity,” she said.

“We are just happy to have him at home.”

Katie’s advice to other families is to take the flu seriously and take the proper precautions.

“Don’t mess around with it, it’s not too late to get the flu shot,” she said.

“Get to the doctor if there is no improvement after a couple of days.

“Act urgently and don’t let it prolong, just hoping it will just get better.

“Let’s keep our husbands healthy.”

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