Murderer loses his appeal to have life sentence overturned

THE Ipswich man who killed Gladstone teen Brandon Matthews in a 2012 street fight has lost his attempt to have his life sentence overturned.

The Queensland Court of Appeal dismissed Zachary Michael Moloney's claims his murder conviction was unreasonable.

Moloney, 24, was found guilty in 2013 of murdering Mr Matthews during a North Ipswich street fight over a $50 loan.

A jury found Moloney not guilty of murdering East Ipswich man Brad Girling who also died in the fight.

Moloney and 21-year-old Luke Michael Jackson, who was found not guilty of the murders, went to the North Ipswich house, where Mr Matthews and Mr Girling were, to borrow the money from his former girlfriend.

When the pair arrived Mr Matthews, Mr Girling and a third man confronted Moloney and Mr Jackson.

During the ensuing brawl, which lasted just minutes, Moloney fatally stabbed the two men.

Moloney said he then told people to phone an ambulance before fleeing the scene.

In appealing his conviction Moloney claimed it was unreasonable for the jury to find he had intended to kill or serious hurt to Mr Matthews during the fight.

He argued that, as the brawl lasted just minutes, it was unreasonable for him to have acted in self-defence regarding Mr Girling's death but acted with intent towards Mr Matthew; and that the judge had not reminded jurors about self-defence when they came to her with a question.

However, Justice David Jackson dismissed the three grounds of appeal.

He said Moloney had armed himself with a boning knife and stabbed Mr Matthews six times which meant the jury could find intent.

"(Moloney's) own statement to call an ambulance, made immediately after he had stabbed Mr Matthews, shows quite clearly that he knew immediately what he had done," he said.


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