EAGER ANTICIPATION: Kids and their parents are eager to get air-bound at Funflight day.
EAGER ANTICIPATION: Kids and their parents are eager to get air-bound at Funflight day. Contributed

Lifelong memory

A SPECIAL day to light up the faces of kids and families having a tough time is coming to Emerald in the form of the Funflight Day at the Emerald Airport.

The July 27 event is hosted by the national not-for-profit organisation Funflight, who have flown more than 12,000 participants, giving children and their families the chance to fly and create the opportunity for priceless memories to be made for people who need it most.

Event organiser for Emerald Funflight Day Raelene Ensby has been taking part in these events for the last seven years.

She said this day was all about the kids and their families having a blast.

"It's about kids who are faced with adversity,” Ms Ensby said.

"Giving them a day where it's not about you having a diagnosis or a disability or life's not going well for you.

"Everybody's time and effort is to give kids and their families a great day out.”

Pilots donate their time and personal aircraft to take kids and their families for a 20 minute flight.

"Some of the pilots are actually Virgin and Qantas pilots that just come up in their spare time to watch the kids faces,” Ms Ensby said.

"We'll likely have 12 pilots on the day who bring their own planes.

"They'll take the kids for a 15-20 minute flight over Emerald.

"The kids might be able to sit in the front and feel like they're flying.”

Ms Ensby was at Emerald's first ever Funflight Day last year.

"We decided Emerald was having a bit of a rough time and needs some love,” Ms Ensby said.

"We had over 200 children fly which was just fantastic.”

Funflight so far have about 40 registration spots left for the day and Ms Ensby said that any families having a rough time of it could register.

"If they feel like they have a need for it and are facing adversity, it's for them to make that decision,” Ms Ensby said.

"We don't turn anybody away and it's really about supporting each other and the community.

"It's about everybody just getting involved and helping in any way they can.”

To get involved and find out more head to Funflight's website or Facebook page.

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