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Lily Allen's stalker Alex Gray 'needs help'

LILY Allen's stalker Alex Gray needs help not a prison sentence, his family has argued.

His mother Michelle and sister Kaylie thinks the 30-year-old - who is awaiting sentence after being convicted of burglary and harassment - getting help and support with his paranoid delusional schizophrenia will give the best outcome for all parties.

Kaylie said: "I don't think it's going to be good for either party for Alex, for us, for her, for anyone if he just goes to prison because he's not going to get any help, he's just going to continue to get worse and he's then going to get released without any help and we're just back to square one again ... We're really sorry that it got this far. It's horrendous what her and her family have had to go through and obviously we feel so horrible for her."

Whilst Michelle added: "What I've seen, I think it's terrible the way she has been treated [by the police]. Alex hasn't been taken seriously either. This could have been stopped before it got as bad as this. I had no idea that he had been stalking Lily and putting her through these years of torture. We knew he had a fixation of Lily, but not that he'd actually been anywhere near her. We just thought it was a fantasy in his head but we didn't know it had gone as far as this."

Michelle also claims her son received no support after being diagnosed with the mental disorder.

Speaking on ITV's Good Morning Britain, she added: We knew he had mental disorder and he'd been diagnosed with paranoid delusional schizophrenia two years ago and he was meant to be on medication for this, but nobody was ensuring that that was happening and we were told if he doesn't want to do it then he's an adult.

"There was no follow up after he'd been in hospital, nobody coming round to see if he's okay, is he taking his medication, was he meant to go to a group session once a week, there was nothing like that. But it escalated after his dad died and we knew he was getting worse and we tried to get help and nobody would help us at all."

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