Litter cracks the case

BREAKING into the Gemfields Rugby League Club the day after failing to steal goods from the Anakie bottle shop worked up Scott Dale McMillan’s appetite.

On Saturday, July 16, Mr McMillan tried to break in to the Anakie bottle shop around 2.30am before police were alerted and the 19-year-old fled the scene, police prosecutor Sergeant Kevin Ongheen told the Emerald Magistrate’s Court last week.

Early the next day, Mr McMillan broke through the locked padlock on the double doors of the Gemfields’s league clubhouse intending to steal alcohol stored in the fridge, Sgt Ongheen said.

He “wrenched open” the door to the bar area far enough to reach his hand inside and take 30 cans of alcohol from the fridge.

But not stopping there, Mr McMillan took 2.5kg of bacon, steak, bread, butter and kitchen utensils before fleeing the scene to Retreat Creek.

Sgt Ongheen said Anakie police located an open bacon packet and an empty butter container in the creek on July 18 which lead to Mr McMillan’s arrest, after which he made full admissions to the offences in a recorded interview.

Solicitor Elvina Ogil said her client was “intoxicated” at the time and he was with other people, but her client refused to name them to police.

Ms Ogil said Mr McMillan has a problem with alcohol and called for Magistrate Cameron Press to sentence her client to probation.

Mr McMillan pleaded guilty to one count each of entering a premise with intent, wilful damage and entering a premise and committing an indictable offence. He was sentenced to 18 months probation, and the convictions were not recorded.

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