LNP and Labor, get the message

MY FATHER always said, "I will always admit when I am wrong but I am seldom wrong".

Of course it was tongue-in-cheek, and referring to when he and I disagreed.

It seems that politicians of both major parties live by this saying, and then scratch their heads when it all goes pear-shaped, like last weekend.

I think I was as shocked as they were because I thought there would be a swing, not an avalanche.

An observation - once again party politics gives me the poos.

Take Caloundra MP Mark McArdle, for instance. How would you like to play footy with him? When the game is on he is along for the ride. When it's lost he all of a sudden becomes very vocal on what should have happened in the game and how the team and the captain got it wrong. But I guess that is party politics - we reap what we sow.

I am not going to argue about sides of politics and, yes, I did vote LNP. I think they did some good things but also made some blues, as will the other mob.

What is clear to me is that both state and federally they all need to start to listen to both sides, and because one would hope that the majority of representatives are reasonably intelligent and are there for the right reasons, just because the "other" side comes up with something doesn't mean it's a bad idea.

What has happened regularly is government or Opposition comes up with an idea, the opposing side smashes it, then changes the name and presents it again, and the other side does the same, if they have the numbers.

Surely the message is loud and clear that voters are sick of the theatrics and want all and sundry to knuckle down, make some tough decisions jointly and do the right thing together and forget about who should get the credit.

Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't all of them working to the one goal to make the state or nation better?

Sometimes tough decisions need to made and if both sides agree, it is certainly less dividing, rather than one lot seeing it as an opportunity to get their shiny arse into power.

Time will tell whether the LNP was on the right track (sorry about the pun) or in fact Labor saved us or pushed us further into the mire.

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