Lock your cars and houses: police

QUEENSLAND Police have issued a reminder to Queenslanders of the importance of securing homes, especially during the summer months.

With conditions staying hot and humid, it can be tempting to leave doors and windows open in an effort to cool your home and cars.

"Leaving your home unsecured effectively extends an invitation to burglars who target easy or tempting opportunities.  An open window or door gives easy access to a home or vehicle," said Detective Inspector David Nixon from Townsville District Crime Services.

"If it is evident that no-one is home or a burglar feels that their risk of being caught is low, the temptation can be too great."

"One of the easiest forms of security is simply to lock all windows and doors. You should also consider installing security screens, grills and shutters which allow both ventilation and security," said Inspector Nixon.

It's not just important when you are out. Houses should also be secured even when residents are home.

Police say offenders often enter through unlocked doors while people are at home or in their backyard, stealing car keys and wallets that have been left in plain view, near entrances. 

Police also encourage motorists to take as much care with car security as thieves look for easy targets.

"They are usually looking for cash or small valuable items such as jewellery, DVD players, mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players and other electrical items," said Inspector Nixon.

Police are asking anyone that witnesses any suspicious behaviour around homes and unattended vehicles to call their local police. 

"Quite often it is information from the community that helps police solve these types of offences," Inspector Nixon said.

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