Long lost heirloom destined for Leanne

LEANNE Ferguson was shocked to tears when she was unexpectedly bestowed with her 170-year-old family Bible.

The Bible has passed through five generations of Fergusons before Leanne was granted custodianship, which broke the tradition of the Bible being handed down to a Charles Stewart Ferguson.

"I'm still on cloud nine, it means a lot to me," she said of receiving the Bible.

"A lot of the family didn't know it existed."

The Bible had been locked away for 40 years with two generations of Ferguson not seeing it and most of the family not knowing about it.

Leanne was researching the Ferguson family for a reunion when she tracked down the branch of the family who had the Bible.

It was at the family reunion, held at Rydges North Sydney in September after 18 months of planning, that Leanne was presented with the Bible.

"When they handed me the Bible, I burst into tears," she said.

The first thing Leanne did as custodian of the Bible was get it restored, which took five weeks at a restorer in Sydney.

Leanne brought the Bible to Emerald to show her immediate family but cannot keep the heirloom here as the heat and humidity would "not be too kind to it".

The Bible will be taken to the Blue Mountains and then placed on display at the library in Mitchell.

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